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Stardate 2030: How can we speed up adoption of future innovation?


Find out what happened when we went live in the Metaverse to explore the future of FMCG innovation - and how to get consumers on board with change.

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Stardate 2030 MMR Research

Stardate 2030
November 1st, 15:00-16:15 GMT / 11:00-12:15 EDT

The FMCG industry is heading full speed toward a future set up to tackle global issues with solutions including cultured meat, animal free dairy and more. But do consumers have the appetite for change?

Featuring guest speaker Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, CEO of Believer Meats (previously Future Meat Technologies). Catch up on the content below and find the answers to the questions on everyone's minds:

  • What are the most compelling names and claims supporting future innovation?
  • Can skin rewilding be the new anti-ageing of skincare?
  • What makes shoppers feel more positive about the future?
  • What do consumers really think of cultured meat?